Word of Mouth Marketing-Get Your Idea To Spread Fast on The Web!

Word of Mouth Marketing on The Web

Online marketing presents you with an opportunity to get more bang for your buck compared to traditional marketing. This is particularly true for word of mouth marketing.

Word of mouth marketing refers to a type of marketing that promotes something by enticing independent parties to promote the service, idea or product to friends.

The idea, word of mouth marketing, is to create a buzz for the subject matter. In creating the buzz, the goal is to create enough word of mouth momentum to get the idea to spread quickly. People are the sole conduit for the momentum.

If you get word of mouth marketing right, an entire product can become an established success with little or no paid marketing.

A classic example of word of mouth marketing, often called viral, is the situation involving Red Bull. Red Bull is an energy drink. When it was first introduced in Europe, rumors spread that the drink was an aphrodisiac. Nobody knows who started the rumors, but Red Bull became very popular. It then evolved into a mixer for alcoholic drinks in nightclubs and the rest is history. It is a hugely popular product and much of the popularity arose through this word of mouth process.

Word of mouth marketing online works in much the same way. The primary difference is it tends to happen much quicker than in the real word. The Internet is full of forums where like minded people congregate. A new, cool product, idea or service can blow up a site over night. If you donít believe me, consider the wild success of the My Space platform, Napster, EBay and so on.

Most of these sites grew into behemoths because of word of mouth endorsements, not paid advertising.

Obviously, this type of marketing can lead to tremendous riches. Unfortunately, it isnít particularly easy to accomplish. Everyone is trying to do it, so you really need to be pushing something unique.

If you can come up with something, it is time to hit forums and other sites to create a buzz.

A traditional way to pursue viral marketing online is to offer a free e-book. The book will detail your thoughts on some subject matter, such as marketing.

One makes the book available for downloading and also allows people to send it to others. If you are offering something of quality, the book should spread quickly to thousands and thousands of people.

The ultimate goal is to promote it over and over until hundreds of thousands of people have read it. At that point, you write another e-book which you sell for $3 to $7.

If people liked the first book, they will buy the second.

If 100,000 read the first one and only 10 percent buy the second, you will have 10,000 sales.

This strategy has been pursued over and over by many authors.

The word of mouth approach is definitely a hit and miss strategy. The large online communities make it a viable strategy, but there are a lot of people trying to do it.

If you fail 50 times, but succeed once, life will be very good.


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  • Chante Epps April 9, 2012

    Word of Mouth I feel is still one of the most powerful ways to generate buzz and bring exposure for your business. It’s a matter of being EVERYWHERE so that people will want to see what it is that you have to offer and by sharing your expertise with others for products and or services in your niche.

    Thanks for sharing Jessica!

    Chante Epps recently posted..The Importance of a Mastermind Group and How It Can Greatly Benefit Your BusinessMy Profile

  • Adrienne April 9, 2012

    I agree Jessica, word of mouth marketing is a very powerful tool.

    We all look forward to the day when some of our content will go viral and attract a very large audience. I have no doubt that we can all accomplish this as we grow our readership, viewers and followers on all the social media sites.

    Thanks for sharing this method with us Jessica and let’s all get out there and get some buzz going. I’m in! :-)

    Hope you enjoyed your Easter and are looking forward to a very productive week.

    Adrienne recently posted..How To Add YouTube Annotations to Your VideosMy Profile

  • Terry Petrovick April 9, 2012

    Great post Jessica on the power of word of mouth advertising. I thin it should really be called reputation marketing because it is who you are that influences other people to take you seriously and to check out what you have. And once there is a buzz about it…it will take off like crazy.
    Terry Petrovick recently posted..When Should You Quit Your MLM?My Profile

  • Jamella Biegel April 11, 2012

    Hi Jessica,

    I believe in the power of word of mouth advertising! A product or service can go viral very quickly via word of mouth advertising, via the internet. Think of what people do when they have something they want to share with others? They post on Facebook! This is the best form of word of mouth advertising and can reach thousands quickly. Awesome :)
    Jamella Biegel recently posted..I Luv Commentluv Premium!My Profile

  • Val Heisey April 11, 2012

    I agree Jessica, word of mouth is the best form of advertizing and marketing, and it is usually F.r.e.e! But just look how Pinterest took off since what December? Just takes one person telling another person… reminds me of a commercial that was on tv about shampoo I think. Sue tells Amy, who tells John, and so on and so on … IT WORKS! Thanks for this post!
    Val Heisey recently posted..Blogging For Business – What Works and What doesn’t?My Profile

  • Christi Johnson April 14, 2012

    Word is mouth is POWERFUL! And I love this article for so, so many reasons. I am naturally an introvert and mildly shy, so getting out in public with people face to face initially is very difficult for me. Once I know people, I can get out and mingle in person…but social media gives me the opportunity to get to know people and grow comfortable without having my shy, introverted triggers hit. I can use word of mouth to get more work done.

    Great article, Jessica!
    Christi Johnson recently posted..Top Fifteen Things You NEVER Need To Do On Facebook!My Profile

  • BG Jenkins April 15, 2012

    Hi Jessica,

    This word of mouth strategy along with the free incentives is a win-win situation. There are so many great products out there that aren’t recognized because of the lack of us bringing them to the attention of the market place. Great post.
    BG Jenkins recently posted..Artist ShowcaseMy Profile

  • Juli Becker April 16, 2012


    This post is timely for me because I am considering putting an ad in my local newspaper concerning a specific product I want to sell, and as I was driving to work this morning I thought, what marketing method will be more effective for me? Free online advertising, like posting in forums, Facebook groups, etc, or paid offline strategies. Both, I think, will work, with online being less costly but more time consuming and the paid version providing more immediate returns.

    I think the ideal scenario, like the above mentioned products/companies, would be a combination of both. Would you agree?

    Either way, I think the tipping point is when, after all the work has been done, the product goes viral. It’s what we all want.

    Like Adrienne, I’m all in. Let’s do it.

    Great post. Got me thinking.

    Thank you,

    Juli Becker recently posted..5 Reasons Why You Should Join Numis NetworkMy Profile

  • Anthony Hutcherson April 17, 2012

    It’s amazing that with so many different strategies out there, nothing can substitute the effectiveness of word of mouth advertising. It is and always will be THE MOST POWERFUL form of advertising. It’s also the most duplicate-able! ;) Great article, Jessica!
    Anthony Hutcherson recently posted..8 Phone Prospecting Tips To Quickly Build RapportMy Profile

  • Chante Epps April 17, 2012

    Hi Jessica,

    I do believe that word of mouth is STILL one of the most powerful strategies that a network marketer can use for business. Anytime that you have people talking is always good for business.

    Thanks for the share.


  • Alan Turner April 19, 2012

    Hi Jessica, really good post about the virtues of “Word of Mouth”.

    Word of mouth is networking, isn’t it? Where would Network Marketing be if it wasn’t for “Word of Mouth?”

    Keep moving forward.

    Alan Turner recently posted..FEAR – Get Over It, Your Reward Versus Risk Ratio!My Profile

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