What Is Content Writing? Is It Worth The Time To Add Into Your Business Marketing Plan To Maximize Profits? Absolutely.

What is content writing?

What Is Content Writing? Is It Worth The Time To Add Into Your Business Marketing Plan To Maximize Profits? Absolutely.

By: Jessica Georgia

Ever since the rise of blogs, social media and the internet, they have become one of the best platforms that can cater to the needs of both small business and online based marketing agencies in capturing the attention of a diverse audience.

This really is one of the primary factors driving the development of this strategy known as Search Engine Optimization or SEO. This strategy has been in circulation for quite some time now and this often requires the use of search engines to assist in promoting visibility for a website or online business and gathering the much needed online traffic. This is done by using methods that include but are not limited to social bookmarking, blogging and uploading or publishing of quality content on websites.

Some people will argue and say that SEO is dead. I agree and disagree with this. I think you can still use SEO methods with content writing. However, I am seeing that more audiences are really just wanting GOOD and QUALITY articles. They are searching for the best of the best that delivers them the answers to the questions they are searching for. With that said, I do think excellent quality content is king.

The Importance of Content Writing:

For any site, the content material is the fundamental platform on which it seeks to offer its products or services. Any website owner will definitely have to pay attention to its content writing.

Your content will be the first thing a site visitor will read and it needs to be good enough to catch his or her attention. Content writing often takes some specific expertise and not everyone has this kind of skill. This is one reason why a lot of corporate businesses choose to utilize SEO content writing services. You have to understand that content writing is a whole lot different than traditional article writing and sets a lot of importance on the relevant keywords. A majority of search engines navigates the web based mostly on pre-programmed algorithms.

These programmed algorithms are designed so as to pick up specific keywords that the user is looking for. The more these keywords appear in the content of a website without compromising the content’s quality, the higher the chances of that website’s link being shown higher on the search results. When it comes to search engine ranking, the position of a company website on the search results page dictates its online visibility and brand establishment. This is why I say SEO is not dead. It is very much alive.

Matter a fact Google just did another algorithm change recently. You can find some excellent SEO content and keywords by writing longer content. I am not going to get too much into these changes here. However, you can see my article here: http://jessicageorgia.biz/googles-in-depth-articles-algorithm-update/ regarding these updates and how you can take advantage of them.

Now, onward with content writing….

SEO Content Writing:

Writing content for your website is not just necessary for original website content. Do not get my words twisted here. Writing UNIQUE and original content is a must. If you are buying “bundle packs” of articles for $30 bucks and slapping them up, big no no. Think about this. If you purchased these amazing “article bundle” for the discount of $30 bucks…How many OTHERS do you think purchased the same content? Then its not original, and Google will eventually catch that, and none of these articles will be shown within the search engines. They will be deemed as “spam.” So, stop being cheap and or lazy (<—I say this with love), and either write your own original content and or hire a professional to write it for you.

You can also use your website content to advertise your internal and external links on the foundation of original content, through written articles about the products and services offer or topics that are relevant to the products and services your website provides.

These are then submitted to article directories (www.ezinearticles.com, etc) in order to create a link back to the original website (a backlink). These article directories are generally visited often by web crawlers or search spiders. This means that people searching specific topics will be directed to the content hosted here on these article directories. Once they read the article, and love it, they can click a link at the bottom that will redirect them to your website. This then helps with improving the traffic to your company website as well as its page ranking.

You can also take advantage of content writing for creating press releases, blogs, and newsletters. The more content you have circulating all over the internet, guess what? The better the chances are of people finding you and your products and services online. Content writing strategies are known to improve online exposure and page ranking for your new websites. The best part about this is, if you are a start up, you can take advantage of this strategy for FREE! It will just be a lot of work. You can write 90 days worth of content. Then distribute this content to article directories, press release agencies, blogs, newsletters etc, etc. If its high quality content, placed in the right online outlets, your 90 day results in traffic and exposure will be nothing short of awesome.

I highly recommend utilizing content writing strategies for your business. If you don’t, your competitor is, and they are loving the profit increases from it!!

If you are going to begin writing your own content, go check out this post. Its regarding how to write “the perfect blog post” and will be an excellent resource to get you started: http://jessicageorgia.biz/the-answer-to-how-to-write-the-perfect-blog-post/

If you have the budget, and are looking to hire a professional, visit: http://jessicageorgia.biz/article-writing-package-specials/

Now…Go….Be Bad Ass….and take massive actions on your content writing strategies!

Jess :)

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