MLM marketing-Are You Flirting With Me?

mlm marketing

MLM marketing-Are You Flirting With Me?

Whether you love it or hate it, MLM marketing and sales are critical to the life blood of any business. You can make it more fun, if you take the approach that you want to seriously flirt with a growing list of prospects.

MLM Marketing attraction. It sounds like flirting doesn’t it? And in a way, that’s exactly right.

You do want to flirt with your prospects, to allow them to get to know, like, and trust you. Since it takes upwards of 7 touches to make a sale today, you need to attract them to your product, service, or program in many different ways.

One critical element you must have in your basket of attraction tools today is a  fully developed web presence.

People are most likely to google for you or your service or the benefit/solution they seek first. They are less likely to open the telephone book and flip through the yellow pages. The future of your MLM marketing reach is the internet.

Even with the internet, you need an arsenal of MLM marketing strategies to reach your prospects and attract them to your product and services. You can’t flirt with them, if they can’t find you.

Here are a few ideas which you can do quickly and on a budget. They are culled from the likes of Mitch Meyerson, Jay Conrad Levinson, Seth Godin, and Bea Fields.

On your website-MLM marketing tactics

* Build a powerful direct response entity

* Make sure your headlines are engaging with a problem/solution approach

* Direct their eyes to the one thing you want them to do

On your email signature:

* Include your business contact information, of course

* Promote one thing – a new product, service, newsletter, article, free conference call.

This is your best and first opportunity to ask everyone to engage with you and your company

Develop relationships for referral business – complementary services serving the same market niche and get listed on their websites

Include client testimonials – use them in all your printed and online collateral materials.

The hottest new thing is audio and video testimonials you put up on your site.

Use audio and video conferencing from your PC for sales, presentations, meetings. They work effectively for a prospects, clients and vendors. It’s no longer novel. It’s cost effective, timely, direct, and can be very interactive.

Write articles and press releases about everything you do and get them published in print but more importantly across the web. This is a very powerful tool for your MLM marketing campaign.

Yes, all of these are ideas you can do yourself, burning the midnight oil. Also most you can start off FREE or super low cost. But what’s even better, is that these tools and systems can be delegated and automated – one more way for you to generate more profit in less time using MLM marketing tactics.

mlm marketing

How To Build up your web presence and find more TARGETED visitors to “flirt” with!

I will tell you how you can gain link popularity for your website and at the same time your website will be receiving targeted visitors. Increasing your link popularity will increase visitors and you will sell more. For better result’s promote only one URL and not the entire website. Make sure you have search engine friendly meta tag and URL.

These next steps are very important to start learning and implementing into your MLM Marketing. The most important part is being consistent.

Follow the steps below-
Step 1. Search Engine and Directory Submission

Submit your website to search engines and directories. For best result, it is recommended that you manually submit your website to search engines and directory to the right category. Most search engines and directories offer free submission. Here is a FREE site to get you started on this task

Step 2. Articles Distribution

Create or buy articles with the keyword that you want to use for your MLM Marketing. Example, if you have a payday loans website then you should write some articles about it or find someone who can write them for you. I do recommend that you submit about 50 articles related to the keyword that you are advertising. If you do not want to write the articles then for example go to,, or and post a project asking for articles about the keyword that you are advertising.

You must mention that the articles that you are buying are for redistribution. After you get the articles, that you will distribute, at the bottom of every articles you should ad the link of the website that you are promoting.

After all your articles are ready to distribute then go to They will submit your articles to a network of 1500 niche content sites. There you must buy credit to distribute your articles. 1 = $2 ( is a free & popular option) You only need one credit per article. Another site you can get started for free on is Also many websites are looking for articles to add to their own website, so you will getting a link back every time your article is posted to another website.

Step 3. One Way Link Exchange

In this step you will buy a membership at the link exchange. Link exchange is not a good practice, but you can buy this account because it is like paying to the directory to get your website added in a certain category.

Click link to go to and shop for a membership. I personally recommend the Bronze Membership for $6.95 a month and you will get +3000 inbound links (This number is daily increasing).

That’s it. Now you can wait to get listed at search engines and directories. Some search engine might take up to two months in order to list your website. But your popularity will build up with time. In turn this gives you a great jump on your MLM marketing- Just be patient.

Warmest Regards,

mlm marketing


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  • Nathalie Villeneuve February 14, 2012

    Hi Jessica,

    Great blog! I like that little bird that follows me around…LOL You gave great tips and steps on how to establish an web presence as there are so many ways to do so, it’s good to have a blue print to fallow! Well done! ~ Nathalie
    Nathalie Villeneuve recently posted..Why Are You Hiding Your MLM Business?My Profile

  • Chante Epps February 14, 2012

    Love how you’re comparing building the relationship with your list as “flirting”. Isn’t that all we’re really doing, until the people on that list decide to “make their move” =)

    Thanks for such an entertaining but informative post.

    Chante Epps recently posted..Why Network Marketing Is A Natural Fit For MothersMy Profile

  • Kari Baxter February 14, 2012

    Flirting is a great analogy for getting to know people online, especially potential prospects. I love connecting with people on facebook — the first contact, finding out more about them, getting to know them, then possibly taking the business relationship further. :)

    Tell me more about the link exchange. What is it for exactly? You mentioned you’re getting a lot of backlinks. Is that the main purpose?

    Kari Baxter recently posted..How Do You Build A Client Base?My Profile

  • jessicageorgia February 14, 2012

    Hi Kari!

    Go here to see details. Low and short you can submit your articles and then place the articles in TONS of directories which in turn get you content all over the internet and gets you back links. Another great way to do this is with too! With free traffic system you can buy credits and even place your articles on PR7 sites in your target niche very cool to get exposure!

    Hope this helps :)
    jessicageorgia recently posted..MLM marketing-Are You Flirting With Me?My Profile

  • David Sharp February 14, 2012

    I suppose we are flirting with our prospects a bit aren’t we Jessica, but so long as we enjoy this business we can’t go wrong. It is difficult at first though when we are trying to get our first sales so we can then use this cash to leverage what we have been doing for the first few months.

    It then gets a lot easier.

    David Sharp recently posted..Do You Remember Your First ValentineMy Profile

  • Jamella Biegel February 14, 2012

    Hi Jessica,

    First I have to say that I love the bird! It is sitting here while I type, waiting for a tweet.

    Flirting is an interesting and applicable term for MLM Marketing. We definitely have to build a relationship with our prospects before they join us in our opportunities. So like in real life, the first stage is flirting. Nice post!
    Jamella Biegel recently posted..Time Management Is Part of Personal Development TooMy Profile

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