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Genius Ideas For Blog Content When The Ideas Run Out!

By: Jessica Georgia

Often when you set up a blog you will be full of ideas and have enough articles in your mind to last you a month. Suddenly that month is up and you realize you have not updated for a few days. Knowing how many blogs there are to choose from, you don’t want the people who have been following you to lose interest and go elsewhere, so you need to up the anti and provide more stimulating and relevant material. The good news about this is that you are not alone, and many before you have come through bloggers block and continued onwards and upwards. Have no fear Jessica is here ha-ha!

Firstly, the blog you write does not just have to be articles about your products as that is going to limit the reader base.  It can be anything and everything that surrounds your industry, as you are not really using the blog to get direct sales, but to build an interest in the industry which in itself should lead to increased sales. If people feel they are being informed, they are more likely to follow your posts than if you are putting the hard sell on them.

Take a mental note on what I just said. Readers are not looking to be SOLD they are looking to LEARN! Stop selling and start providing them value. The sales will then come naturally.

Telling people new things is always going to draw readers. Amazon.com is the ideal place to find inspiration as they cover such a broad band of products and topics. Go find your niche, look at the posts and see what questions are being asked. Then answer them within blog postings. Now you know what people want to know and you can give them the information they want via your blog and add interesting content at the same time.

You can do this on forums too. Go to popular forums within your niche and do the same thing. Find what questions your target market is asking and turn them into blog posts and content. This makes you super awesome. Why? Because you are providing them answers and value within a niche they are wanting to learn more about.

Another idea is to write about where certain things happen. If you sell surfing equipment write about the top places in the world to surf. If you have been there and can add pictures and personal stories BOO-YAH even better. Totally add them!

If you sell high priced jewelry you could write about the places were gold is mined and also the process that turns the raw product into gold items. This can be expanded to include other products such as diamonds and platinum and you are bringing in more people who have an interest in these new additions. If you do have something a little off track that you want to write about you can carry the odd off topic article but make sure it is the exception rather than the rule.

Let life inspire your content!! Your kid can do something hilarious and you find a way to fit this in with your blog.  It could be a funny incident that you could alter a little to fit your purposes. Daily life can be adapted to fit your site – this makes it even more personal for your readers. It will really give them a peak into who you are. Adding photos of these events in your life will provoke readers to get even more attached to you and your missions. People want to see REAL PEOPLE. Real ideas and stories. Deliver that in your content while adding in how your niche relates to these topics.

To make sure you never forget an idea write it down. I have notebooks all over the place. In my purse. On my desks. EVERYWHERE! Some ideas may not have a place on the site yet but the day will come when it does. When it does you can then bust out your notebook and put the stories into action.

Leave me your comments below and let me know what inspires your content writing! I love hearing other peoples inspiration!!



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