Lisa Flow Yoga

Master Your Practice workshops are a way to further explore your body and poses. Through a mindful and detailed break down of each, as well as through utilization of modifications and props, you will work with the teacher & class peers to further develop your unique expression of your practice.

Healthy Food Nut

Quiet the Ego – Ignite the Self: This is a sacred workshop designed to align your connection to all things. This journey includes light yoga, Reiki energy, aromatherapy, and sound healing. This workshop is for the sole (soul) purpose of healing and you will be sure to experience a divine energetic shift.

Energy Healing

There is a path to attaining alignment in all positions, to developing your attention, controlling your breath, and opening your mind and heart – where physical flexibility is not the main focus or goal. This workshop is appropriate for beginners, intermediate and advanced yogis.


Morgan McKean

Lisa is an amazingly authentic spiritual healer and teacher. Using multiple healing modalities, she is able to identify any mental, spiritual, or energetic blocks that are keeping you stuck in a negative pattern, and help you to release them, so you can go after your hearts desire. High on integrity. Lisa is candid. and straightforward with her delivery. to help give you the insights you need to make your life what you want it to be.


David Avocado Wolfe

Lisa is the best ever! She led us through yoga with David Wolfe Adventures in Peru and helped us balance out all the heavy physical activity we were doing on our trip. She is able to identify what people need and go right there, whatever it is wellness, bringing what is needed in the moment. Love having her support on this adventure and with our Longevity Now conferences.


Erin N. Mortgage Banker

When working with Lisa as my coach , she helped me tremendously to get my power back and to begin a healing process with some very important relationships in my life.


Namaste-Holly Henderson in SC

 Lisa's classes are like none I've ever taken. Her calm spirit and loving heart shines through during the entire class start to Shavasana. She has a way of making me feel comfortable and safe to challenge myself in new ways every single time. I'm so grateful to have her at the studio I practice at! And her sculpt classes. WOW! I always look forward to spending time practicing under her careful guidance and knowledge.